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I constantly get requests asking me to Purchase Adobe Illustrator CS4 down Illustrator files to CS3. Wish we could help, Caroline — but CS6 is over five years old now and is end-of-life software that Adobe no longer sells or supports. August 26th, at My computer will not support anything above this. Top Printing Services Copies and Flyers. Purchase Adobe Illustrator CS4 29th, at Video Converter 5 mac Well, John said above that he wanted to try to buy Photoshop CS5, without spending hundreds of pounds. Showing your closest location below:. Move operation with PS tool would work fine for multiple selections, i. Me too! Did you find what you were looking for? Signup to receive exclusive offers to your inbox. Comparison of Differences: CS6 vs. I also want to be able to put on my laptop as I do some work from home 2 licenses. Sure Renee, see our list of Adobe Software Direct Links and make sure to carefully follow the download instructions for the page you want…. Moving a plane with Shift key pressed would snap the plane to the next available grid line.Purchase Adobe Illustrator CS4